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I have ten years of experience in Chinese-Hungarian interpreting in the fields of production technology, business and public proceedings.

I am a certified interpreter. I studied economics at the Corvinus University of Budapest and Chinese Interpreting at the Eötvös Loránd University. I spent one year at the Capital Normal University in Beijing with government scholarship, and I worked for a Chinese company for two years. I lived almost four years in China. As a backpacker I visited lots of cities and sceneries from Harbin to Hong Kong and from the mountains of Sichuan to Taiwan. Since obtaining my Hungarian Tourist Guide License in 2014, I lead several tourist groups in Hungary in Chinese and English. - Imre Szakál


(Translated by Google) He testified to extraordinary professionalism. It was an experience to listen to his interpretation. I can only recommend.
- Király István
(Translated by Google) Very professional Hungarian-Chinese translator, Chinese is so smooth! like! great
- Wei Zhao
(Translated by Google) Excellent and flexible help!
- Krisztian Kovesdan



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